God-Moments, Change and Divine Opportunity

So I realize that my pen has been silent for a while now… and thought it a good time to write and catch my readers up. I haven’t died, fallen of a bridge, nor have I been abducted by aliens! Actually, things have been better than they have in years, which might sound surprising all things considered. In March, the healthcare system I worked for did across the board IT layoffs… a big impartial cost reduction strategy, and I was laid off and offered severance. That’s currently where I find myself.

Interestingly enough, while my job skills are very marketable, I was feeling ill-at-ease about jumping into another job… I mean, like everyone else, I have bills, obligations, etc so the logical step would be to get rehired, right? Yeah, well… God rarely acts in predictable, “normal” ways in my life… you know that verse that says that God “chooses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise”? (I Cor 1:27) Well I’m living proof of that, although I don’t consider myself “wise”, per se.

But I did not feel the Lord leading me to just get another job. I couldn’t figure out why… I mean, I work so that I can afford to volunteer in ministry. And that’s what I feel lead to do… I don’t feel called to full-time paid ministry. Like Paul, a tent-maker by day and itinerant preacher by night, I work to support my passion of serving Jesus. And I tried to remind God that I needed to work so that I could bring home money so that I could survive TO serve.

Yeah well… enter spiritual training lesson #432,001,230… Apparently I needed another lesson in Father God as my provider, hah! So I felt deeply convinced to take a step of faith, putting my money (literally) where my mouth is, and doing something that I WANTED to do, but wouldn’t have done myself unless this sequence of events hadn’t unfolded as they have.

I’m writing. A book, believe it or not. Yep, I’ve had one prevailing idea in my head Ive wanted to communicate for a long time… in some ways, it’s all of ChasingNehemiah’s purpose condensed into a few hundred pages. And while I’ve always dreamed of being a writer (I mean, full time, paid writer!), I wouldn’t make a good starving artist type. Now I found myself thrust into unemployment with a bit of cushion thanks to the benevolence of my former employer who graciously offered us a bit of cushion in apology for a non-merit-related layoff.

So the last two months have been confused but good, overall. My time is spent mostly in full-time volunteer ministry right now, acting at least in this season as a worship pastor at my church, a privilege that I’m grateful for. I get to encourage people in the faithfulness of our Lord in person and through music, AND I get to do it here, online, to people I might never see in person. It’s great.

After the muddle and confusion of trying to figure out the “what’s next” step, and after the momentary knee-jerk panic reaction of feeling God not wanting me to find a job, and after settling in my spirit that I really believe this is a God-ordained opportunity and that He WANTS me to do this… I’ve plunged into a whole new arena of faith and am, like I mentioned, writing.

And I’m finally getting organized enough to do it, too. It takes a whole new level of discipline. Gratefully, the church has given me office space where I can work without interruption (and without the distractions I have at home).

So that, in short, is why the pen has been dry for posting to my blog. Given that, I also expect that to change as I am now getting into a routine of dedicated time to write, and have enough space to listen for the Holy Spirit’s direction, and hopefully enough inspiration to write here frequently, as He teaches me new things, concurrent to writing the book. I’ll share more about that as it takes shape.

So thank you for your patience with me as it’s been an almost 2-month period of radio-silence … the longest since I started the blog a few years ago. But things are shaping up. I have a feeling there will be many opportunities to write what I’m learning about walking in submissive faith, about going into the unknown with only the Lord, but also about His enduring faithfulness and sufficiency in the journey.

Remember that the Lord has good plans for your life. Even during those times of apparent failure or defeat or setback, remember that God chooses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. He takes what could be seen as a bad situation and shows emphatically that “bad situations” don’t exist for those who trust Him to be their guide. He is a redemptive God, redeeming any bad thing for good, causing “all things to work TOGETHER for good for those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose, and who choose to submit themselves to His leading, even when it doesn’t make sense.

God is faithful. He is sufficient. He is ever resourceful, limitless, healing, restoring. Even when the bottom seems to drop out from under you without warning, be of good cheer. Nothing surprises Him, and Jesus is NEVER at a lack to care for those He loves. Even when the world screams at you to freak out, fear, etc… we don’t have to. Our beautiful, great God is there to hold us, fight for us, provide for us, and give us the desires of our hearts as we trust Him in faith.

Be blessed in Jesus’ great name.

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3 thoughts on “God-Moments, Change and Divine Opportunity

  1. Dana Klibert says:

    I was missing your posts & I am so excited about all the Lord has been doing in your life! I will definitely buy your book, for sure!

    • peterv says:

      Oh Dana, you’re such an encouragement, dear friend. The Lord has definitely used you many many times to encourage me, make me smile and often keep plugging along. You won’t have to buy a book, I’ll fly it out to you, haha :)

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