National Revival Starts with Believers

2 Chronicles 7:14 (NKJV)
If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

This is a verse most Christians are familiar with, but might gloss over too quickly. Reread the verse and then ask yourself this question: Who is God addressing in this passage?

God is NOT saying “If your nation humbles itself before Me, I’ll save you.” He says “If MY PEOPLE, who are called by MY NAME, humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face…I will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

Do you realize how profound that is? Father God, Himself, lays out our political strategy in a single sentence. We know all we need to know about a Christian’s political position straight from the mouth of Almighty God. Here’s what God has entrusted to us, the people called by His name, and herein lies one of our great spiritual responsibilities:

We humble ourselves.
It’s too easy to lay the blame of spiritual apostasy in this country to the devil and his agenda. But Christian, the fault is ours. Too long have we allowed ourselves to coast by, adhering to the bare minimum requirements that religion puts on us. Too long have our lives not conformed to our supposed faith. Too long have we allowed the term “Christian” to be slandered by our own laziness and lack of concern about things of eternal significance. We have cheapened the gospel message into one of convenience, we have sold our birthright for the temporary pleasure of fitting in and being accepted.

We admit that we have sinned.
We, the people of God, called by His name and set apart for His glory. Religious apostasy in this country is our fault, for it is our responsibility to be the salt, the light, the very goodness of Jesus Christ to the lost and dying world around us. If this country has lapsed into sin, it is to our discredit and our shame.

Recognizing this, the only acceptable response is to fall down before the throne of our Father God and recognize how far we’ve come. We MUST first humble ourselves before our Father God, for we cannot implore His favor otherwise. He will not hear the heart that self-righteously turns to Him in pride and arrogance. He gives grace to the humble, not to the proud, beloved. If we are to see spiritual and political change happen for the better in our country, we must start with us, admitting our sin, humbling ourselves before the loving hand of God and repent of our OWN sin and our own contribution to the problem.

We pray, and pray, and pray.
We pray fervent, believing prayers already KNOWING that God has promised victory explicitly in His word for the political change we seek. In humility, recognizing our absolute inability to effect the change we need so desperately, we bow before our great God in prayer, seeking the beauty of His presence and face to pray for our nation, our people, our leaders – the one’s we support and the one’s we do not support. We pray for revival to start a holy fire burning across this land. We pray for the eyes of this country to return to their rightful place, focused on the eternally magnificent God who gave us this land and our freedom.

Do you believe your prayers will be heard, Christian? Or do you believe that they are nothing more than voiced hopes released into the ether, nothing more than a feel-good gesture at best? Wrestle with this NOW, beloved, and see prayer from God’s lens. It is God Himself who promises that prayer will effect results. Do you disbelief the explicit promise of God? He couldn’t make it any clearer. He says to pray for our nation and He will act.

Would you be like the proud Namaan who refused in his pride to bathe in the Jordan river for his healing, demanding a greater act of power for his miracle to occur, or will you believe God at His word today and know that when He promises, His word CANNOT return void but WILL accomplish all that it was sent to accomplish? Won’t you display the faith that pleases the heart of God by taking Him at His word and setting down in believing prayer, praying for the spiritual restoration of this country? Millions of people, possibly the world as a whole, depends on our faithfulness and our diligence in this.

National revival starts with us.
When we’re told to “turn from our wicked ways”, it simply means that revival must start with us. We will become the tide-turners by our own faithfulness to God and His purposes and plans. We cannot expect God to do in others what we are not willing to allow Him to do in us first. We are the people called by His name… our lives should reflect that relationship.

Turning from our wicked ways doesn’t mean just NOT doing certain “bad” things. It involves our hearts turning BACK to things of God. It means a return to our spiritual roots and heritage. It involves getting back to being serious about the things that are important to our God, even when His agendas and interests vacillate from our own. It means consuming ourselves with nothing more than the things that He cares about, because of His promise that when we, His people, called by His name, set apart for His glory, recognize from where they have fallen, and humble themselves and repent, pray for their country to be healed, turn from the destructiveness of spiritual apathy and get back on point, living out the life that Jesus set us apart for, then we will see our nation be healed, restored and made great. God is waiting to heal our land, beloved. The only thing that is keeping Him from it is us. Are we willing to take Him at His promise? Are we willing to let ourselves be transformed into the image of the Son so that we can see lives changed for His glory for all eternity? The time is now to begin our process. It all starts with saying yes to one simple question – Are you willing to be like Jesus?

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